Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wear it with PRIDE!!

Support your Troops, Support Swat Refugees
Time to Rid ourselves of the Militant Taliban Menace once and for all

Sahara for Life Trust - Swat Refugees Relief Efforts and Donations

Sahara for Life Trust has also made a call for Donations. Sahara for Life was started by the famous singer Abrar ul Haq and has a fully functional hospital, Sughra Shafi Medical Complex to it's credit. 

Sahara is looking at taking supplies to the relief camps as well as providing Medical support. Monetary Donations are welcome however, the usual Dry Food Supplies, Medical Supplies as well as basic need items such as pedestal fans etc can also be donated.

Please make your checks payable to:
Sahara for Life Trust

And mail them to:
50 Bridge Colony 
Lahore Cantt

Details regarding the trust can be found on their website:

Online donations can also be made at:

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

UM Healthcare Trust - Swat Refugees Relief Effort and Donations

UM Trust is also working in the Rustum area for medical relief.


Type: Organisations - Non-Profit Organisations
Description: Affordable Healthcare for rural Pakistan



Gujrat Road,
Village Zahidabad

You can find out more about it on our Facebook group at:

Their hospital is located a few kilometers from refugee camps in rural Mardan, near Rustum and therefore, in an excellent position to extend healthcare services.

They urgently require medicines for these refugees, including but not limited to:

Pain Killers
Cough syrups
Antibiotic (Oral Medicines and for External Use (e.g. Furecin powder))

Financial Donation information is available at:
Clinical items and OT Equipment
* Surgical Gloves 2 cartons Size 7 1/2
* Rampley's sponge holding forceps 2
* Mayo's towel clips 8
* Phlebotomist's simple torniquet 4
* *Brad Parker knife handle with detachable blades 4
* Mosquito artery forceps 4
* Curved artery forceps 4
* *Needle holders 4
* Langenbeck's retractor 2
* Plain forceps 4
* Tooth forceps 2
* *Tissue holding forceps 4
* *Fine pointed straight scissors 2
* Round pointed straight scissors 2
* Lane's tissue forceps 1
* Babcock's tissue forceps 1
* *Proctoscope 1
* *Volkmann's scoop 2
* Lister's sinus forceps 2
* *Cuscos' bivalved speculum 1
* Wrigley's outlet forceps 1
* Ventouse pump 1
* Aural speculums in different sizes. 1 of each size
* *Electrical Otoscope 4
* Tuning fork 256 Hz 1
* Tuning fork 512 Hz 1
* *Jobson's Aural probe 1
* *Head light for ENT 1
* Aural Syringe 1
* Thudichum's nasal speculum 1
* Laryngeal mirror 1
* *Ophthalmoscope 2
* Emergency Equipment
* Ambulance 1
* Refrigerators (small size with freezer) 2
* Defibrillator 1
* Ultrasound machine 1
* *Portable X-Ray machine 1
* *Autoclave small size 1
* Mini-Trach II Cricothyrotomy kit 4
* *Ambu Bag 1
* *Oxygen cylinder 2
* *Face mask 1
* Paediatric face mask 1
* *Endotracheal tubes different sizes 2 of each size
* *Laryngoscope 1
* *Guedel's oropharyngeal airway different sizes 5 of each size
* *Gypsona Plaster of Paris bandages 30
* *Central venous cannula lines 10
* Intravenous cannula 14 G 10
* *Intravenous cannula 16 G 30
* *Catgut Sutures 2/0, 5/0 10 of each diameter
* *Prolene 2/0, 5/0, 6/0 10 of each diameter
* Vicryl sutures 2/0, 3/0 10 of each diameter
* Steristrips 100* Foleys catheters 14 G 10
* Silicone catheter 14 G 5
* Naso gastric tube 5
* Staff of volunteers
* Doctors
* Female Nurses 2
* Computer data entry technician at registration counter 1

Monday, 11 May 2009

Payaam-e-Umeed: Swat Refugees (IDPs) Relief Effort and Donations

Payaam Foundation’s mission is to rebuild, recontruct and regenerate a new spirit of faith, unity and discipline in our great nation by serving the under-previliged and deprived. The present state of affairs in Swat, Bajour, Karam and Mouhmand are very desponent due to an unfortunate battle. As a result, the number of refugees continue to flow into Relief Camps, Masaajids, Schools and unfasten grounds where the basic humanitarian needs are non-existant. This migration is the largest ever since the independence of Pakistan.

To help our brothers and sisters in need Payaam Foundation has launched ‘Payaam-e-Umeed’ which would provide a unique way to provide relief to Bajaur/Swat refugee families, through direct financial support or relief goods that helps families sustain themselves and meet their minimum survival needs.

Payaam Foundation urges all people of conscience to stand in solidarity with Bajaur and Swat refugees. We specially urge all Muslims to allocate this year’s Zakat al-Fitr and/or Zakat to helping provide refugees in Risalpur with financial assistance by adopting one or more refugee families. Only through your generous assistance will these innocent children and their families enjoy a happy Eid (Feast)!

You can make a profound difference by donating money or following relief goods to the affected people and save thousands of precious lives.

1. Shelter (Tents and plastic sheets, Mattresses, Quilts)

2. Clothings

3. Food Items (Pre-cooked tinned food (Halal), High Energy Biscuits, Survival Rations)

4. Medicines (Antibiotics, Fractured Related Kits, First Aid Kits, Surgical instruments, Water Purification tablets, Dettol, Cotton Rolls)

Who is he who will lend Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times and it is Allah who decreases or increases (your provisions), and to Him you shall return. (Surah Baqarah – Ayat 245) Al-Quran.

Join and support Payaam-e-Umeed Project today! If you are involved in an organization that would like to host a fundraiser for Payaam-e-Umeed project to support Bajaur/Swat refugees, please contact us.

Together, we can and we will uphold the dignity and rights of the Bajaur/Swat refugees Insha’ALLAH. Please contact the Bajaur/Swat Refugee Support Network – Payaam-e-Umeed Project at

Payaam Foundation,
Block 26, Flat # 2, PHA Flats, G-7/1, Islamabad. Pakistan.

Kindly send your contributions to the following Payaam Foundation’s bank account:
Account Title : Payaam
Account No : 1-4-1-20311-714-104571
Bank Name : Arif Habib Bank Ltd.
Bank Branch : Plot No. 6B, F-6, Super Market, Islamabad Pakistan

*Disclaimer: This is a part of the relief efforts compilation and has not been personally verified by the blog team.

EDHI FOUNDATION - Swat Refugees (IDPs) Relief Effort and Donations

Muslim Commercial Bank, Aabpara branch, Aabpara, Islamabad. Account No: 5626-2

Edhi Center USA Edhi international Foundation.
42-07 National streetCorona, New York, 11368 USA
Tel: (718) 639-5120
Fax: (718) 335-1978
Toll Free: 1-888-899-EDHI (3344)

Edhi International Foundation.
316 Edgware Road,
London W2 1DY,
United Kingdom
Tel: 0442077232050
Fax: 0442072249774

Canada Edhi Charitable Foundation, Inc.
257 Risebrough Circle.
Markham, ON- L3R 3J3

Japan Edhi International Foundation,
RM 101 COPO Nikkei, 1-25 4-Chome,
Minami-ohi Shinagawa -KU-Tokyo 140 Japan.

Australia Abdul Sattar Edhi International Foundation.
Level 20, Picadly tower,133, Castle Reagh Street, Sydney 2000,
Tel: 02-2646499, 03-3767-7282
Fax: 03-3764-4395, 02-264-7337

Bangladesh Edhi International Foundation Inc,
2/2 Purana palton, 3 rd Floor,
Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
Disclaimer: This information has been collected from the internet and has not been verified by the blog team personally

THE PAKISTAN RED CRESENT SOCIETY - Swat Refugees (IDPs) Relief Effort and Donations

PRCS started supporting IDP’s in District Dir, Nowshera (now closed), Risalpur, Mardan and Swat. The detail of camps established or being supported by PRCS is covered in subsequent paras. The assistance is being provided by PRCS in the fields of provision of Food, Non-Food Items, Health, Hygiene and Watsan.

To accommodate these people PRCS has established IDP’S Camp at two locations.

1. Dir
a. Government Degree College, Timer Gara
b. Khunji Camp

2. Benazir Camp Risal Pur

While in Mardan and Swat PRCS has not provided shelter but only relief and Medical assistance is being provided in the Government established camps.

Summary of beneficiaries, in each camp, being assisted by PRCS is given as under:

So far 1,403 families (378 in Timer Ghara camp & 1,025 in Khunji camp) have been accommodated in two camps one located in Government Degree College Timer Gara and other in Khunji camp. To accommodate these people 750 tents (350 in Timer Ghara camp & 400 in Khungi camp) have been erected, one in the compound of Govt. Degree College Timer Ghara and other in Khungi Village.

A medical team, comprising 3 doctors (1 Female) and paramedical staff having necessary medicines have been deployed to provide medical assistance on daily basis in both camps. So for 6,439 patients have been treated. It has been seen that common diseases are diarrhea, RTI and skin diseases.

In addition PRCS NWFP Branch from its own stock has distributed Blankets x 7200 for 1440 families (five per family), Tarpaulin sheets x 1500 for 1500 families (one per family to cover the tents against inclement weather) and wood burning stoves x 1,428(400 for Government Degree College Timer Gara and 1,028 for Khunji camp).

399 families have been accommodated in this camp. To accommodate these people 407 tents have also been erected, by PRCS, in the camp. 368 Non food items (NFI) packages have been provided to resident families. Quilts x 432 have been distributed. These were provided by PRCS NWFP Branch. In addition wood burning stove x 400 have been distributed from PRCS NWFP Branch.

A medical team, comprising 2 doctors (1 x Female) and paramedical staff with necessary medicines has been located at the camp and they treat patient on daily basis. So for 2,593 patients have been treated and given appropriate medicines. The common diseases are Diarrhea, RTI and skin disease.

PRCS Relief Team has distributed 1210 Food and 1946 Non food items (NFI) packages amongst IDP’s. One PRCS medical team is providing medical assistance. So for 6,815 Patients have been treated.

Despite uncertain law and order situation in the district. ICRC/PRCS. Teams have been able to distribute 1,825 food packages amongst the IDP’S families at Haji Baba School, Banur High School and Government High School, Bun Mangora. Previously 4200 individuals were provided with food and non food items.

So far 126,067 beneficiaries have been assisted by the relief and medical support provided by PRCS. The approximate worth of the assistance provided so far is PKR.98.60 million.

YOUR FUNDS WILL HELP FURTHER THESE EFFORTSTo make a donation or volunteer your time, call your provincial branch. I urge you to visit:
*Source: The Pakistan Red Crescent Society Webpage

Directory: Swat Refugees (IDPs) Relief Effort and Donations



UNHCR (United Nationas Refugee Agency) has started an online RELIABLE drive to collect funds.

The link is:


Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training (RIPORT) a registered, non profit organization with its headquarters at 10-C, Railway Road, University Town, Peshawar, NWFP is also providing relief to the IDP camps. They will be going in with a scheme called, “Lightening the Darkness,” where we are hoping to provide electricity to IDPs. The summer is coming and the heat and mosquitoes will make the life of the IDPs more miserable. They are also examining the relatively easier project of providing medicine to camps. Their initial survey shows large gaps in medicine supply. Of course they will need funds. The effort now is based on volunteerism; we are building up fast.” If you would like to volunteer/donate funds to these relief efforts, Please Call: +92(91) 9211-8411


Islamic Relief USA, who provided a lot of earthquake relief and is now currently providing medicine and other essentials to IDPs in and around Peshawar. For people in the United States who would like to help:

Separate details are Available in other posts for: Payaam, Edhi Foundation and The Red Crescent Society of Pakistan.


Ms. Fauzia Minallah and Ms. Ghazalah Minallah, wife and sister of prominent lawyer Mr. Ather Minallah are collecting donations of flour, sugar, rice tea, dry milk, daal, ghee, salt biscuits for the IDPs in Islamabad. To donate supplies or to volunteer help with the distribution, call:
Ms. Fauzia (0306 504 9852 )
Ms. Ghazalah (0300 527 0330).


Ms. Fatima Imran (03218568197) is also collecting donations. She is directly in touch with people from Swat coordinating relief camp efforts.


Please contact ASAP, Brig Jaffer is responsible for mobilizing camps in Islamabad and Rawalpindi so please contact him for more information. Having spoken to a gentleman on the contact number he has requested that household and kitchen supplies be provided in addition to dry food supplies so families can start running their kitchens. Call 051 2243111 or 0300 5004678 for donations


Hundreds of families are pouring into Islamabad/Rawalpindi from Buner, Swat etc and are desperate for assistance. We must as a nation take responsibilty and help. Kindly donate ata, sugar, rice, tea, dry milk, daal, ghee, salt, biscuits etc. Money donations are welcome too. They are shelterless, traumatised and hungry. They need help NOW. For donations call:Jamil Abassi: 0321 8547072Iqbal Bali: 0323 534
*Disclaimer: This information has been collected as a result of voluntary information submission by members of the group 'The Citizen's Trust for Victims of Terror' and has not been verified by the Group or Blog Admin.