Thursday, 28 January 2010

What has happened to us as decent human beings?!

Stand up for this champion!


He is "Naveed Asif" from Nahranwali village Okara who scored 919 marks in Matric and got second position in BISE Lahore. His school was 7 KM away from his house and he used to walk 7 KM everyday to go to his school. here are his words :
“Me and my mother were really terrified when BISE Lahore team reached our home late at night before announcement of the result. Actually a few days ago, our cow was stolen at night owing to which we were terrified”.
“You may think it ridiculous but I always said to my mother that I wanted to be like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” he said. “Quaid-e-Azam is a role model for me"
He seated at stairs after receiving his medal and later Mr. Shahbaz Sharif offered his seat to him.

He couldn’t find any seat in Alhamra hall to sit in a function which was arranged to honour “position holders”

Frankly, The Govt. record on developing talent to grow into leaders of tomorrow is pretty dismal, their track record in general is pathetic, we are too conditioned and brainwashed over the last 100 years to be in a position to recognise our own God given intellect and ability. It is in ourselves that we are underlings; we must cleanse our system of all alien thought and bring about a reformation of our own cultures, Balochi, Pushtun, Sindhi and Punjabi because we want to live together as one Country and pursue our inherited greatness, which will be exploited by our education system to develop our Tomorrows and our Motherland we MUST read more on our past but search for the truth because it has been altered by the occupiers of our land for the past 3 centuries from the Mughals to the Europeans.! KoolBlue