Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shortages in Public Protection, Water and God Knows what else!

These days we are so bombarded by the Media about the shortages that we are facing, that we can no more react appropriately! Therein lies the salvation of the Government, as long as the public are so dazed by all the chaos eminating from the shortage drama, we the people can t recover and react to bring down the government and throw out the useless people who have failed to give us the stability we so desperately need!

The crimes against citizen’s lives has shot up! never before have we read, heard, and learnt of people being murdered as we do now! In short the agency paid to protect the public has failed! Police is too occupied providing protection to public servants and politicians, they have less or no time for us, the people of pakistan who pay their wage bills, ie their fancy bungalows, their latest cars their allowances, cell phones, and heaven knows what other perks they sneak off with !!!

The Sugar & Flour crisis has also been manipulated by the landed and industrial mafia who also sit in the halls of power, it is my submission, that all these so called shortages are attempts to buldoze their demands down the people and governments throat, where they already have support so the ones that end up getting hit the hardest are the lowest of the low who already barely survive! Manipulation is the name of the game! another one that raises its ugly head is the Petroleum Price! dont forget them!

While on the subject of shortages, the other day the PM got the opportunity to drop a couple of clangors! in a very nonchalant manner in passing! Yes I have already shared my concerns with you on the gravest crisis yet to shake up our Motherland, WATER . I dont just mean drinking water, I mean waters of our rivers that have already begun to run dry and  villages are cropping up on the alluvial soil of their beds!

Indus Basin Water Treaty1

For those of you who had yet to see the light of day back in 1962, the Indus Water basin Treaty will hold no significance except the comments that are made in passing; at the time, as public servant had the guts to question the then government about their plans to sign the treaty, he was subsequently threatened with his life, and told to stay silent, and to his dying day he spoke of the wrong that was perpetuated through its signing. He was none other than the renowned Masud Khaddarposh, the only public servant who spoke in the interest of the down-trodden and the harm to the Motherland, his notes of dissent on the Hari repost and the Indus water Treaty are on record for all to see.

Indus Basin Water Treaty2

The proof of that specific meeting on the treay are the two photographs recording the presence of Field Marshal M Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Foreign Minister of Pakistan in a meeting with Key Establishment officials at the Civil Services Academy, in 1962. In one shot Mr. Masud is seen questioning the aspects of the treaty that concerned him most.

Today we see and hear of the impending doom that is to hit this country, thanks to key people who were paid millions by the Indians to stop the Kalabagh dam from being built! Our salvation lies in that dam we must see the light! and we must build that dam!