Monday, 27 December 2010

To my Blog readers, Family & Friends, Thank you!

With  5 odd days to the new year, I don't recall another year like it! Gosh, It went so fast and perhaps one of the years that I wish had never happened, for so many different reasons; mostly because of all the sadness that we all experienced one way and another with all the news of the destruction around the world flooded in, literally with excessive rains that took communities around the world by surprise, by earthquakes that shook communities with their devastation that was unleashed killing the loved ones of so many people somewhere or the other, friends and loved ones lost their friends and loved ones, even in our own Motherland! I personally feel their pain as I know what they are going thru, having had similar experiences.

On the brighter side, over 2010 I met new people, some of whom have become good friends, others I pray will tolerate me in spite of all my failings, and perhaps some of them will, thru a chink in my armour, catch a glimpse of the inner you think that is really possible?! I would truly hope so!

We could have done without the floods! But the Creator had to give us yet one more opportunity/warning! And look what we did with it! Every cloud has a silver lining my inner self keeps telling me! But for Heaven’s sake I have yet to encounter it! But surely these are signs for us to straighten up and fly right! Do we “the haves” really care? Do we give “the have-nots” a second thought? No! Because we relieve our guilty consciences by one generous hand out and walk away, as if to say, “I did my bit!” But there are those among us, had it not been for them, the misery would have been much worse for the effected ones!

I treasure the experiences of the year that is ending with all its memories more good than bad for me personally, becoming a Dada tops the list! Mind you there have been the monumental bad ones too, when realisation struck and one was jerked out of one's complacency and 'taking for granted' mode, I wish I wouldn't do that! But enough of me and my failings and more of my world and the lovely people who inhabit it, who in their individual way have made my life so much richer and in so doing made it possible to make it through the day/ the week/ the month and yes! this year! I thank each and every one of you!

Time is of the essence, do we really have enough of it? Are we really making the most of it? What is, 'making the most of it'?? care to wander down that one?! More importantly how often in that fleeting time did we attempt to smile at someone or help in making their day, not often enough! We, nay, I could have done more, much more!

But thank Heavens, I am surrounded by such beautiful people, who, each in their individual way,  are there, when one reaches out; for that,  I "Thank you".

The Country today faces circumstances that may lead us to balkanisation but if I know the people of this Motherland, we will rise like we have always risen to any call in the defence of our Motherland, setting aside our petty (by comparison) differences, to defend to the last, our Pakistan;

Have you ever given a thought to the managers of this Fair Fine Land?

Incompetence , inexperience, inadequate, DISHONEST, CORRUPT & SELFISH, every man-jack of them, in every possible way! Did we elect/select them? I rest my case, we are the ones that should be labelled so! The only ones with vision, and strategic thinking, are in fact the ones we shun the most, the ones that will be the first to meet and answer a threat to our borders, skies and seas. And do you know why? Because, they are the only ones left who still, are trained and developed into what they are, while the rest of us, pass each day as an experience that is repeated day in and day out, focusing on our own selfish thoughts and needs!

So the world passes us by and we become stunted because the world is growing/developing while we stand still!

With the utmost respect for those at the helm of affairs, should we total up all of their experiences, education, skills, training, on-the-job or career specific, it makes me shudder to think that we are being managed by a bunch of "Interns" with NO Supervision, except the meddling selfish ways and strategies of the West whom we ape and turn to with upturned hands!!!! ‘Time for change’, like a man in the west recently said; Even there, success & change has eluded the expectant voters!

But us, can we really change?! If deterioration is change, then, we are way ahead of the rest!

I went to school in Quetta, and College in Peshawar, worked all over the country during my attempt to earn a living; Tears well up in my eyes as I write about the state of two great cities and two very distinctive Provinces of our Motherland! Look what we are doing to them and letting strangers/aliens do to them! We are being ravaged by the suicide bombs of the “Kafirs” who believe they are Muslims like the rest of us! While we look the other way!

Thank God for my time there, I was most fortunate, as I saw both cities in their Splendour and Grandeur I salute them! But I also Pray wholeheartedly for a 180 degree turn so we can all be one again, May He make it so!

I was in Bangladesh at the beginning of this year, and truly, tear welled up in my eyes, when I saw those people, they, believe me, were the lucky ones for doing what they did! They have left us far behind on the road to progress, just one example I will quote, and it speaks volumes about their taaleem & pervarish, people actually form queues where more than one person is standing or waiting and await their turn till it comes!!!

They do it themselves, they don’t sit on their haunches and pray to Him to make it better! They do it ! Unlike us, who, only do what is good for ourselves, NEVER giving this Motherland even a second thought! We have created a divide, that could result in devastation! We are our own Greatest Enemy!

As for ourselves, we need to :

SAVE, yes! Save:











STOP, Yes stop:

WASTAGE and “fazul  kharchee” in EVERY form!


"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with Regrets; So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Laugh when you can. Apologise when you should and let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly.

Life is too short to be unhappy...

So, Keep Smiling & Have a Good Day  and a Greater Year in 2011!"



So, to conclude, my dear reader, dear family and my dear friends, May I wish each and every one of you a better brighter tomorrow and a much better year in 2011, and May The Creator of All, bestow upon us all His Blessings  and Mercies and guide us out of our yesterdays and yesteryears into a future of which we can all be safe, happy & proud..Ameen.