Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wah Munshi jee, Kya khoob Munshi jee’.

by Khurshid Anwer

Age had caught up with Nawab saheb and he was unable to fulfil his conjugal duties. He got his young Munshi to perform in his place. He would sit and watch admiringly and keep repeating, ‘Wah Munshi jee, Kya khoob Munshi jee’.

Our Munshi is screwing the opposition to the great delight of friends and foes who are thumping the tables and shouting ‘Wah Munshi jee, Kya khoob Munshi jee’.

In their wide eyed admiration they forget that he is screwing not only the opposition but also the country.

He is screwing the state enterprises by using them as parking places for his cronies in their dozens, and his jialas in their thousands, in each entity.

The cronies are there to do his dirty work. The only work the jialas will ever do is to cast their votes. Fat chance these entities can ever become productive. Fat chance they can ever be off loaded. They will keep digging a 400 billion hole in the economy every year - ‘Wah Munshi jee, Kya khoob Munshi jee’.

The Munshi is also screwing the State Bank by getting it to print 2 billion rupees, not every year, not every month, not every week, but every day. This is for funding the other vote churning machine, the Benazir Income Support Machine.

Space does not allow to enumerate the many other areas where the country is being screwed by the Munshi amidst our adulations.

However all praise to the Munshi for clinging on to power by hook or by crook, more crook than hook, and for protecting the interests of his party at the cost of the country. Yet many of us are bending over backwards to chant – ‘Wah Munshi jee, Kya khoob Munshi jee’. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

PTI & Imran Khan must get their priorities right

PTI & Imran Khan you MUST consider, apart from #Justice, #Protection of the rights of every individual as an equal Citizen of Pakistan WITHOUT discrimination #Legal & #Social equality MUST BE PRACTICED and SEEN TO BE PRACTICED! Not just given lip service! #Education needs a revamp!

Start with a major overhaul of education, make it compulsory and train professional teachers whose wages are equal to the Civil Servants cadre to build a quality delivery system in EVERY school of Pakistan, ensure and equip every student to be a responsible citizen, give each child health support and soon you will have citizens who will do what is BEST for Pakistan!