Monday, 22 September 2008


Idea: To generate an on-going fund for the families of the victims of Terror attacks primarily those affected by Suicide Bombs.

Synopsis: As a trend the primary victims of suicide attacks are the Security Guards, Low level Police Soldiers, Security Officials and Drivers etc. Usually the victim leaves over 5 dependants behind who in most cases are given anywhere between Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 300,000 from the employer or the government.

On-ground Reality: We exalt these brave men and women to the status of Martyrs however, after a basic amount from the government/ employer; we absolve ourselves of this responsibility.

The Emotion: Pakistanis are one family. When one member of the family is in distress, the rest all rush to his or her help… Similarly if a member of our Pakistani brotherhood gives his life protecting the others it is our duty to ensure that his dependants are taken care of.


1. Generate a comprehensive database of victims, their dependants and profile their dependents as per:
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Relation
2. Establish an Account in the name of the victims and their families
3. Make a Nationwide call for donations
4. Based on the donations received make donations to the victims families to fortify whatever small amount they have received from the government or their employer.

Areas of Concern:

The fund will be utilized in the following three areas of concern:
1. Education
2. Welfare

Based on the feedback from the donors following areas can be included in the program, the mechanics of the same can be finalized once the areas are included.
3. Medical
4. Special Concerns (Marriage, Post Humus Birth of Child etc)

For education one may partner with existing NGOs such as The Citizens Foundation or Teach a Child Foundation who are already working in the area. With a regular monthly stipend towards each child benefiting from this program, responsibility of the education can be handed over.
However, in the absence of such an alliance as yet, the fund will be directed towards simply paying the children's fee to the school they are studying in currently. This offers the additional benefit of the child continuing in his or her familiar environment.

To avoid complication, the Welfare amount will be based on number of depends and amount per dependant as opposed to a lump sum being handed over to each house hold. This will take into consideration each dependant as opposed to each family.

Potential Donors:

Corporate Donors: Corporate Donors may include all organizations in the country however; special sponsorship packages can be devised to accommodate bigger donations.

Individual Donors: Individual Donors are at liberty to donate as little or as much as they choose.

Partner Organization:

To win donor trust, this initiative is being carried out in partnership with an established organization.

Profile of the partner is below:

Pakistan Social Association:

This organization was established on the first of January, 1930 in Hyderabad Deccan. The aims and objects of this organization are to get the pleasure of God through the service of humanity. This organization has been operational for more than a half century and is one of the oldest Social and educational organizations in the sub continent. The PSA has trained more than one million social workers in half a century. The movement has got 400 branches consisting of five thousand members in four provinces of Pakistan.

Project Scale:

The sky is the limit. Given the recent terror attack at Marriot and the month of Ramadan, it is perhaps best to start this fund with the victims of the latest incident.

The fund can be sustained for longer term for (God forbid) any other terror victims that might require assistance.

Eligibility Criteria for Victims:

Whereas all victims of such terror attacks deserve help and support, the trust fund will start with supporting the more needy low level employees in the beginning.

This will be decided at the discretion of a committee formed for the purpose.

Account Details for Donations:

The account below will be used for the donations:

Pakistan Social Association
Muslim Commercial Bank
F10 Markaz Branch

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  1. Dear All,

    Your initiative sounds really good. Just one observation I wanted to point out, I don't know if you have taken it into account, but I would suggest that survivors of such an attack or the families left behind might also need psychological consults, as losing a parent or any family member is a very traumatic experience and can haunt one for life. Also, I noticed that you talk about what if they lost the father then they'll need so much money, but what if they lost their mother? We all know how much mothers mean to us and I feel we should look into that aspect as well, it shouldn't only be for the people who have lost the father because in some cases the mother is also a bread earner for the family.

    Hope you look into it,