Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Volunteers Needed

Anyone who wants to help out in any way, is welcome to do so. This idea belongs to all of us who want to help. There are various categories you guys can voluteer in:

1. We have a lot of media peeps in the group here... I understand the channels are not at your disposal guys but any help would be a giant leap! :) Also, various news channels are running stories on the victims, if anyone of you can fetch us information on them... it would be super!!

2. Spreading the word amongst near and dear

3. Volunteering time: Abbas has kindly volunteered to keep up our blog, group and email, BUT we need a lot of help in posting information such as channelizing of funds -- where the money is coming from and who has it gone to etc - to keep all the matters absolutely transparent.

4. Donating Money: This is the simplest way of going about things

5. As soon as we recieve the list of victims we will need to start an effort to generate a database. Volunteers can help us greatly in making phone calls and sorting and maintaining information.

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