Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Green Ribbon Vigil - 3rd June 2009, 8pm

While you read this, I am sitting keeping guard... I have faith in you, enough to risk my life and protect yours. When you complain about the traffic jam in the morning, I am busy fighting sprays of bullets. I have had many sleepless nights while you have slept comfortably in your bed. I have seen my brothers fall right infront of my eyes, but it has only made my resolve stronger. I may never come back home, but if I can bring peace to yours I will consider my purpose fulfilled.

Candlelight Vigils being held in Lahore and Islamabad simultaneously on Wednesday, 3rd June 2009 at 8pm - 8.45pm (Punctuality is requested). Wear the Green Ribbon and light a candle in Memory of those who have lost their lives fighting the militant extremists or have been unfortunate victims of terror attacks and to show support to those who continue to fight for Peace. Venues to be announced.

For every person who thinks that they cannot make a difference, there are 50 others thinking the same. How will you tell the soldier who stands all night on guard that you didn't have 45 minutes to show support?? Join us and make a difference... Every person counts!!

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