Monday, 8 June 2009

For a Change, Ask what 'YOU' can do for the Country - Pinkish Green


The time has come. The time to rise, the time to make a positive difference, the time to give a damn (about things other than Shahrukh Khan and your neighbours love life) and the time to get your hands down and dirty. Your country needs you! And while it may seem that she has not given you anything, you are what you are because of her.

Time to separate the boys from men, Time to separate women of substance from women on substance. You can choose to fail; you can choose to do nothing (Going to the pakistan India Cricket match wearing the Pakistan Green doesn't necessarily count). But, where you have always asked what your country has done for you, I ask you... what have you ever done for this country? The question is answered by a question always ‘…but what can we do?’

I am extremely sorry to say, I find the ‘helpless’ tone in this question almost pathetic. Do we still have to ask what we can do? Look around you, the more pertinent question to ask here is, where do I start? As a result of a fairly fruitful random discussion on the topic, I have to thank a good friend, for having come up with what I will choose to call. The ‘A little more, for a Whole lot more’ List:

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with our society is lack of respect. We don’t respect anyone but our own selves, who perhaps we respect a little more than needed. I urge everyone to instill a sense of respect in themselves and people around them. Insist and Emphasize on dignity of Labor, Someone’s financial status does not and should not dictate the respect you give. Start calling people ‘AAP’ for a change. You’re pretty educated; act and sound like you are too!

Pay the Household Help More:
We are lucky to live in a country where labor comes cheap. As a result we have maids and drivers and gardeners and cleaners and chefs and God only knows who else. By paying someone more, you’re increasing their quality of life. A few thousand might not pinch you as much, but they will make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Run a welfare state in your house, it pays back in more ways than you can imagine.

If you dedicate man hours to actually go to an underprivileged school great, but if you feel that it’s not worth messing your Gucci loafers, teach at home. Teach underprivileged children Mathematics, Teach Parveen or Nasreen or whoever works for you a thing or two about the benefits of family planning, give out basic lessons on hygiene or civic sense or patriotism… I’m sure you’ll find plenty around you desperately needing these lessons, teach someone how to use a computer or Perhaps English. No excuses!

If you’re smart enough to read this, you’re probably smart enough to write this. Trying googling Pakistan or Pakistan Police or Pakistan Army or anything Pakistan. Make it your mission to change the way the World (wide web) sees Pakistan. Start uploading positive images, start writing positive thoughts, start commenting on negative news items about Pakistan. The world needs to know that we’re not a lost cause and you of all the things sure as hell aren’t.

If you can think of anything else to add to this list feel free to add to comments.

'In a world of Blues, here I am to give the Pink perspective on everything Green.' Think Pink? Share your thoughts:

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