Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mobilink Camp becomes operational - First Families Move In!

In just one week since Mobilink announced its formal commitment to establish a relief camp for 1,000 displaced families and has committed $ 1 million to it, it is an honour to share that the first families have begun to move into the camp, with approx. 200 families expected to be inhabited by end of week.

Mobilink camp, situated at Kund Park near Nowshera, is located on the confluence of the Indus and Kabul rivers where NWFP meets Punjab province. This park is a tourist destination with greenery and lush vegetation providing plenty of shade. Children’s recreational areas are also available on site such as swings.

With the dedicated efforts of our various teams including Procurement, Security and Marketing, in consultation with the implementing partners, the camp establishment has been divided into phases to ensure that the IDPs are accommodated at the earliest. In the first phase, approx. 200 tents have already been pitched. Latrines and sanitation areas as well as water tanks have also been installed on-site to ensure adequate access to basic amenities. Upon registration, each family is provided with the following items:

· Tent
· Bedding
· Water buckets & Jerry cans
· Chatai (floor mat)
· Kitchen utensils including cooking pots, cutlery and crockery
· Food rations
· Personal Hygiene kits including towel, washing and laundry soaps, tooth paste and toothbrush, combs
· Water cooler
· Mosquito nets

Incoming families will be provided with cooked food for the first couple of days as they settle in. Planning to set up a Basic Health Unit as well as primary and secondary schools is underway.

Procurement of items has been personally conducted and supervised by a team of Mobilink employees to ensure that quality standards are maintained.


The blog admin urges you to make hearty donations. Donations can be made at Mobilink offices at Special Donations Camps set on site.

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