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I Spy (Special Report): Rawalpindi visits the Injured Troops - Sadaf Zarrar

On the scortching afternoon of the 27th of June 2009, an oddest gathering of people convened infront of the CMH Rawalpindi. There were Young and Old, Rich and Poor, Employed and Unemployed, Men and Women, Students and Professionals, Shalwar Kameez clad and Western outfit adorned, English and Urdu Speaking... They were all patriots, and were there to homage to the injured troops.

Going from one surgical ward to another, the group met over 60 injured soldiers and officiers, spent time with them, heard their stories and thanked them for their bravery and their sacrifices.

The troops most of whom were badly injured had smiles on their faces and were most welcoming to the group. While most of them would take months even years to recover, and some might never... the morale was high. All of them unanimously expressed their wish to get back into combat and defend the nation.
'It is our job to fight for this country and give our lives... the only thing we need from you is your prayers and support'.
When thanking the soldiers a group member asked the Officer if there was anything we could do for them to which the officer replied, 'It is our job to fight for this country and give our lives... the only thing we need from you is your prayers and support'.
'Pray that I get well soon, I need to get back to the frontline, I've got a few scores to settle.'
Another young Captain confidently proclaimed 'Pray that I get well soon, I need to get back to the frontline, I've got a few scores to settle.'

Tariq ki Dua - Allama Iqbal

Yeh ghazi yeh tere pur-israr bande
Jinhen ttu ne bakhsha hai zoq-e-Khudai

Dao-nim in ki thokar se sehra-o-darya
Simat kar pahar in ki haibat se rai

Dao-aalam se karti hai be-ganah dil
Ajab cheez hai lazzat-e-aashnai

Shahadat hai matlub-o-maqsude Momin
Nah mal-e-ghanimat nah kishwar kushai

Khiyaban mein hai muntazir lalah kab se
Quba chahiye iis ko khune Arab se

Kiya ttu ne sehra-nashinon ko yakta
Khabar mein, nazar mein, azan-e-seher mein

Talab jis ki sadyon se thi zindagi ko
Woh soz os ne paya inhi ke jigar mein

Kushade dar-e-dil samajhte hein iis ko
Halakat nahin maot in ki nazar mein

Dile mard-e-Momin mein phir zindah kar de
Woh bijli keh thi nara-e-latazar mein

Azaaim ko sinon mein bedaar kar de
Nigah-e-Musalman ko talwar kar de!


"0 Lord! These bondsmen have set out in Your path for Jehad. They are the seekers of Your good pleasure. They are mysterious as well as the keepers of mystery. Their true state and position is known only to You. You have taught them high-mindedness and, now, they will not settle for less than world-leadership and Divine Rule. These proud men listen or yield to no one. Save them. Deserts and rivers carry out their biddings and mountains turn into heaps of dust out of fear and respect for them. You had made them indifferent to the riches of the worlds by instilling Your love into their hearts. But for the love of Jehad and the joy of martyrdom, the kingdom of the earth holds no attraction for them. This is the magic of love. It is the ruling passion that has brought them to this remote land. It is the last wish and the greatest desire of a Muslim.

"The world is hovering on the verge of ruin. Only the Arabs, by laying down their lives, can save it from falling into the abyss of destruction. Everyone is thirsting for Arab blood and this sacred blood alone can remove the malady. Forests and gardens, tulips and roses are pining for it to color their cheeks. We have come to this strange country to irrigate it with our life-blood so that the withered crop of humanity may flourish again and springtime may return after the agonising spell of autumn."

"0 Lord! You have conferred Your unique favors on these desert dwellers and herders of camels. You vouchsafed them a new knowledge, a new faith and a new way of life. You gave them the wealth of Adhan which is the standing call of "Tauheed", arousing men from the slumber of ignorance. By means of it, the Arabs put an end to the death-like stupor that had descended upon the world and gave it the glad tidings of a new dayspring. Life had lost its warmth and movement and centuries had passed over it in that state.

It regained its momentum, started again on its journey and attained the destination of faith and love. The crusaders do not regard death to be the end of life but the threshold of a new existence.

"0 Allah! Grant them for dignity of faith and enmity for The own sake (as was revealed in the prayer of Noah: 'My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land.') so that this army may become a relentless sword and a fearful thunderbolt for heathenism and corruption and produce fear for it in the heart of the enemy."

Here is a pictorial update of the event:

The visit was organized by Mehvish Alavi and Aleena Alavi, along with a group of Volunteers running the groups 'In Memory of Brave Martyrs' and 'Rising Youth of Pakistan' on Facebook.


Operation Rah-e-Rast (formerly known as Ras-e-Haq) is now in its last leg in SWAT areas where majority areas have been cleared of taliban influence. The people of Buner have started returning to their homes.

Operation Rah-e-Nijat taking place in South Waziristan is now beginging to gain pace and the army is marching ahead to clear the Pakistan Tribal Areas of the Taliban insurgents.

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