Sunday, 5 July 2009

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Today we are still in Lahore. Lahore is not only famous because of the architecture and its monuments, but because of many other things.
Our focus this week would be the bazaars especially “Anar kalli”. Along with that we shall also be looking at the Shalimar Gardens along with that the two famous festivals that are celebrated in Lahore; Basant and Mela Chiraghan and The Horse and Cattle Show.

Anar Kalli:
If you are interested in traditional shopping the place to go is Anar Kalli.
Anar Kalli is named after the favourite courtesan Anar Kalli. The bazaar has everything from embroidered clothes, glass bangles, artificial and real jewelry. Anar Kalli is located on Aibak Road.

Shalimar Gardens:
Three miles east of Lahore are the famous Shalimar Gardens laid out by the Mughal EperorShah-Jehan in 1642 A.D. The Gardens are spread out in typical Mughal style and are surrounded by high walls with watch-towers at the four corners. Originally, the gardens were spread over seven ascending terraces, but only three remain now which cover an area of about 42 acres. The brick-work of the floors of the three terraces have been repaired according to their original designs which differ on all three terraces. There is a marble pavilion under which water flows and cascades down over a carved, marble slab creating a water-fall effect. Across the water-fall is a marble throne. At the end of the second terrace is a beautiful structure called Sawan Bhadon, a sunken tank niches on its three sides. Water cascades down from it in sheets in front of the niches, producing the sound of falling rain. In the olden times, small oil lamps were placed in the niches which reflected myriad colors.

Festivals of Lahore:

Lahore is the most festive city and is famous as the heart of Pakistan. It is also known as the most happening city.

Basant is a Punjabi festival marking the coming of spring. Basant celebrations in Pakistan are centered in Lahore, and people from all over the country as well as abroad come to the city for the annual festivities. Kite-flying competitions traditionally take place on city rooftops during Basant.

Mela Chiraghan:
Mela Chiraghan or the “Light of Festivals”; is an important and popular event in Lahore. This is celebrated at the same time as Basant, every spring on the last Friday of March, outside the Shalimar Gardens.

Horse and Cattle Show:
The National Horse and Cattle Show is one of the most famous annual festivals, held in spring in the Fortress Stadium. The week-long activities include a livestock display, horse and camel dances, colourful folk dances from all regions of Pakistan, mass-band displays, and tattoo shows in the evenings.

That’s it for this week my suggestion would be that if you are in Pakistan you must visit during Basant or any of the other festivals as it will surely add colour to your trip!


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