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Citizen's Speak: The Diary of Umer Mumtaz

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August 2, 2010

Once again Allah Subhanah has put to test the people of this country in the form of floods. Beyond asking for Allah's forgiveness we need to help our fellow beings in their hour of need and try to pass this test.

Alhamdolillah, as of today we were able to collect enough funds to prepare 200 packets of rations. Tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd August 2010, two of our friends Najam-us-Sehr (300-5000975) and Faiz Ali Khan (0302-8054104) will InshaAllah reach Mingora (Swat) and try to deliver these rations to areas which are hard to access. We will update all with the results when they get back.

We are also trying to investigate the feasibility of restoration of drinking water supply in the affected areas. One possibility is the provision of truck mounted generators which may be able to provide electricity on a turn-by-turn basis to workable tube wells.
Since the geographical extent of this calamity is so vast we can only start with one location where we have local help. All are requested to send us first-hand information about other areas so that we may co-ordinate our efforts with those working there.

All of us have great faith in the resolve of the Pakistani Nation as seen in the successful recovery from the Kashmir earthquake and the IDP exodus.

August 6, 2010

Alhamdolillah on 3rd August 200 packs of rations weighing 19kg and costing Rs. 1,430/- each were distributed among the devastated in Mingora region. Movement beyond Mingora was restricted due to various reasons.

Today the team has again reached Mingora and is arranging for logistics of a further 200 packs beyond Madyan. The road bridge at Madyan has been damaged and all movement beyond has to be done by foot. Our team has prepared 11kg packs this time so that they can be carried onward by porters/volunteers. The ration packs consist of:

Rice 6kg
Moong 1kg
Lobia 1kg
Ghee 1kg
Sugar 1kg
Salt 250g
Tea 250g
Lighter 1pc

We ask all concerned to pray for the well-being of the people affected by the floods and those trying to provide relief to them. We also request everybody to spread the word and urge them to go out and help human beings in crisis. And with Allah lies the final reward.

August 9, 2010

Following five persons visited Swat valley from 6th till 8th August and Alhamdolillah a further total of 165 packs of rations worth Rs. 135,500/- were delivered in the hands of the needy.

Faiz Ali Khan
Najam us Sahar
Sajid Mehmood
Dr. Inayat
Shahid Khan

These people were the first outsiders to reach Madyan and Bahrain to assess the situation on ground. Travel included 3 hours by foot one way from Jaray village where the first road damage is located. Jaray village is one and a half hours by road from Mingoara. Porters were used to carry the ration packs where needed. The people at both these places were very happy to see help arriving. Sixty families in Madyan were also given vouchers to come and collect their ration packs at Jaray village and they are expected to make the journey by today or tomorrow.

Besides distributing the ration the team was able to establish links with local volunteers at both the locations to streamline further distribution. 200 families have been identified till date in Bahrain and following rations are being prepared for distribution there:

Rice 10kg
Ghee 2.50kg
Sugar 3kg
Lobia 3kg
Daal Channa 1kg
Nido powder milk 1kg
Tea 0.5kg
Salt 0.25kg
Mixed Masala 0.25kg
Bath Soap 3pc
Laundry Soap 3pc
Total weight of one pack: 23kg
Cost of one pack: Rs. 2,190/-
Total cost of rations: Rs. 438,000/-

The team has spent Rs. 1,052,000/- till date, all on rations, and has nearly depleted the donation pool.

All are requested to donate more as Insha’Allah we expect the logistics to Bahrain and beyond till Kalam to improve in the near future and a lot of aid will be required in those areas.
A project of fresh water supply in Mingoara city has been accomplished by transporting two generators of 125KVA from Islamabad. These generators have been connected to four tube wells at the moment, and water is being supplied on 4-hour basis. It is expected that this water supply will serve 30,000 to 60,000 persons daily who had no water since the last ten days. Cost of this project was undertaken by a single donor and we expect an expenditure of Rs.300,000/- for the first week.

We feel that with the opening of land route up to Kalam coupled with the advent of Ramazan more relief work will be required by the end of this week. We request all to come forward and contribute in this effort.

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