Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gaddi Nashin & the 70 khushaamedees

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There are times such as this when the malaise of 'complacency in the face of efforts apparently going nowhere..sets in..well..this is when we need to give ourselves a mental shake  and decide that 'protest' must be registered and that we must believe in our God believe in ourselves..know within our souls..restrengthen the fabric of ethical practice and register our opinion..

The PM is taking this gigantic monolithic mammoth entourage to the UK,where he is being shown his position..the Duke of York will meet him..wah wah..the fact that this is a sentenced PM is perhaps one of the issues, albeit a very important one.

However, my focus is on a fact that the financial status of the country is in such an awful state that it simply defies description, and the PM thinks it is his birth right to  fill a plane with a motley crowd of khushamadees, or those who are to be pleased for the forthcoming elections..and ferry them to the UK.!!! reeling..there is an ongoing gun battle between the State and DACOITS...forget the writ of law..think of the people dying..the families losing dear ones..burying them..losing earning members..the fleeing residents have no money no earning, they do not know when they will return to their homes (if they do ) whether there will be a home or say a shop to go back to..refugees in their own city..!!!

SUCH A SHAME PM GILLANI..I, as a citizen of Pakistan do believe that your 'unsurpassed' wealth is God's gift to you..your inheritance..You are this 'Gaddi Nashin' and your lineage is awesome..therefore I do believe that every morning there is a mound of gold under you gaddi..therefore the money belongs to you..your birthright..what would a mere mortal like me know about such 'divine' matters?? smaller mounds appear for your 'heirlings' I accept the absolute claim that you make.

HOWEVER..I DO NOT accept or believe ..that despite your have the right to tow 70 people to 'escort' your Gaddiship to your tea party at the Residence of the Duke of that your 'favoured' ones can assuage their grief and wipe their tears shopping at Harrods..for not getting an 'invite' whilst you sip 'Earls Grey' and delicately nibble on a cucumber sandwich, chatting with HRH the Duke, of course..

Neither am I NOR ARE fellow Pakistanis (MILLIONS, MIND YOU) going to fall for some STUPID line regarding your burning 'midnight oil' working on 'future collaborations' BLAH, BLAH & BLAH.

BE WARNED MR PRIME MINISTER...for your own good..this is the Nation of Quaid e Azam JINNAH..and Quaid e AZAM did not spend the wealth of the State on his person the question of spending it on an entourage did not even arise..and Quaid e Azam's entourage made Pakistan..I rest my case..

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