Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Private Effort Worth Commending and Supporting

- Community kitchen up and running
- Number of IDPs being served two meals a day increased to 1200
- Five year boy found with the help of one of our volunteers
- Identified four more schools that house 600 IDPs who are notbeing served by anyone so far

Registration Process of the IDPs

Volunteers taking food to the schools

Volunteer Nasir fitting electric cooler in the school

Volunteer Afzaal with the missing boy

Lunch being prepared in the Community Kitchen

Our community kitchen for IDPs was set up on May 15, 2009 and the first meal prepared intime for lunch. An additional 400 IDPs came tothe area and were accommodated in the sameschools. The kitchen is now serving 1200 people in a total of eight schools at each meal.The meals are taken to the schools with thehelp of local volunteers and distributed in amanner so as to uphold the dignity of the IDPs and not hurt their pride.

At dinner time, however, an additional 500people were served as new IDPs arrived.These newly arrived IDPs were on the roadside with nowhere to go. They could not beaccommodated in the schools and weredirected on to the larger camps afterserving them dinner. The volunteer teamworked extra hard to prepare the additional meals, working till 3 in themorning.

A five year old boy disappeared the daybefore. He wandered out of the school’scompound and never returned. Themother of the child left her 9 other childrenand wandered around the streets to lookfor him but in vain. Volunteer Afzaal Bajwa contacted the local police and had announcements made in mosques of nearby neighborhoods. A family hadf ound the boy and taken him home.When they heard the announcements,they brought the child back.The electric water cooler has been greatly appreciated by the IDPs. If we are able to raise additional funds, it would really help the IDPs if we could install similar coolers in all schools. An additional four schools in a nearbyneighborhood have been identified byour volunteers, where there are 600IDPs from Swat. These men, womenand children are living unnoticed and un-served so far.

There are thousands of people who need similar support on immediate basis in Mardan.Their basic and most urgent needs are food, drinking water and appropriate shelter. Wewould like to extend our community kitchen services to the 600 people that we haveidentified today, with the hope that we will have enough friends helping us in making itpossible.

To contact for participation:
Call on: 92-343-5799910

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