Monday, 31 August 2009

The Chaos continues….

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Since I have returned from my holiday abroad, I realised that I have missed out on developments here at home!

Each day the papers carry stories and the TV Channels run programs anchored by the same personalities that have bewildered viewers in the past; I am part of the bewildered part of society who has no inkling as to what on earth is going on in the Motherland!

The stories of corruption, the stories of pay-offs, retainers and complexities of  associations between the establishment and the politicians, while retired persons of these groups also waded into this mirky chaos we term the government of our Motherland.

I must admit that stories of misdeeds and corruption, were overheard in the drawing rooms of the 50s and 60s when I was growing up; it  has not stopped or finished, it has continued unabated in its every hideous form and permeated throughout society from the highest rungs to the lowest in the land.

Our youth have grown up to take it as par for the course! they do not know any different, its SOP for everyone to use the mechanism to their advantage or as it suits them or they think fit.

The news both electronic as well as printed, is so full of it, it is said that even the anchors are paid off to project certain interests!  The courts of the land pose themselves as above board, but I ask myself to what extent? Have they really madea fresh start or done a turn around? In my heart the answer is NOT at all reassuring, simply because their actions speak louder than their words, sadly! How amny courtrooms will be needed how many lawyers will be inducted or judges appointed before the common man will feel that he has had his fair day in court?!

When will are school teachers stop their corruption and their greed to exploit the innocence of virgin minds and when will mothers and fathers of those very same children stop participating in corruption; all in the name of getting what they want by short cut rather then the normal way which is the way of the world!

As the British say, you line up and take your turn, its so simple!

Driving licenses continue to be issued to people who cannot pass the test, why don't we try the authority who issued the license, for murder, because the driver killed someone after getting the license, only because one one let him loose in a car without ascertaining the competence  of that driver!!!

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The youth of today is being bombarded with corrupt ways and means to make a success of their lives, so then what does the future hold for them, our time has run out we must yield to them and induct the youth into mainstream politics so that they may choose and decide.

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When will the change take place? I ask myself. not in my life time I tell myself, from the look of what is unfolding on the tube we are so glued to every available hour, so mesmerized, and in a stupor while we watch it all unfold, without a single constructive conclusion!

Jago Pakistan Jago!

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