Thursday, 3 September 2009

Is it not time for reconciliation and change?

Everyday the papers and the TV are focused on just one aspect of our existence in the Motherland; is this hype about attracting viewership? I ask myself, or is it out of true concern for this land and its people? You be the judge.

I ask because is it not high time that we focused on the core issues plaguing our beloved Motherland, and discussed solutions to the challenges that face us all.  Is it because we are now an intellectually bankrupt lot of people, ore are we all too self-centered that we cannot see beyond our our immediate selves.

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WE are also busy making sure that the education that our future generations are getting is soold and out of date that the are not equipped to handle this country’s challenges. It is only when these younger Pakistanis get to go abroad that it dawns upon them how ill equipped and insufficient their years of hard work in School and college has been!

More importantly how different the method of delivery of their knowledge is abroad there is no parrot style ‘rattoe-ing’ of  material involved there. no crib-sheets to memorize or guess papers to cram. Its all in the way their methodology…..aur ithar hum maar kha jahtain hain!

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This must change, not just in the elite schools, colleges and universities but in every institution and I include the madrassas too!

Its time to call a spade, a spade, to end all that mud-slinging and take the turn required to begin the bulding into a unified country and a nation, because in it lies our salvation, not the begging bowls syndrome that comes second nature to us, but by the whole country tightening our belts even doing without what we enjoy most our our will that we impose on one another work only to creat the building blocks that we need to build the nation all over again.

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Now is the time for reconciliation and change!

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