Friday, 6 November 2009

Writer's Block - The Burning Candle by Bushra Hassan

Let my burning heart
Dry away my tears
Let my tormenting mind
Create new fears

Let the time of my life
Run faster than the world’s
Let world’s lashing tongue
snatch away my words

Let my mountains and my people
Be set on fire, crushed piece by piece
The angel of death will bow down
the burden of lives he has to seize

Let the schools burn
Or the children return
Safe or badly scarred
In nights of darkness and days of gloom
My home is lit by stars

Young heroes lay down their lives
Another orphan is born
Widows raise their heads with pride
The only way to mourn

Let them force their will
the fear may return
but they can’t blow my life away
the candle will always burn


  1. Awesome piece. Great imagery. 100% behind the purpose, will be wearing green on the 9th. Just be careful it's not misinterpreted on face value - eg. 'let the schools burn'... you wouldn't want to give ignorant people another excuse to incorrect label Pakistanis as fanatics. Take care, much love. jackson

  2. *'incorrectly label all Pakistanis'
    - let's face it - a bit of healthy fanaticism is definitely part of the Paki character! :)