Monday, 9 November 2009

Citizen's Speak: A Letter in the Name of Pakistan - Muhammad Sultan Shah

My Beloved, Bountiful Country Pakistan,

I will not ask how you are faring in these troubled times because we, the inhabitants of this nation feel, experience the same pain you suffer. These feelings of abject abuse and subjugation transform into determination and strength that course through our veins. It hurts me all the more acutely to be separated from you, each and every moment of every day, especially while I am here in the UAE due to my work.

I believe with all my heart that you are a nation of limitless potential with resources aplenty. However, this begs the question "How have we your inhabitants ravaged you to the extent that violations to human rights and dignity have become a daily occurrence? How have you become a nation where life's basic necessities (Food, water, electricity) are luxuries?". Your birth was witnessed by a scattered crowd with no aim and direction but you despite your tender age always took us under your soothing shadow and protected us. We are thankless and selfish despite the blessings you have bestowed on our shameless shoulders. The ideological grounding you have provided is precious to me beyond belief. And it hurts me profusely to se our "elected" leaders trying to question this ideology.

We should be ashamed of such shamelessness, especially in people who fall at the feet of countries such as the USA when they are meant to be advancing our own countries national interests at widely publicized international forums.

Our leaders have debased our nation to beggary giving the aforementioned such exquisite titles as "aid donations" to such apparently reputable groups as "FRIENDS OF DEMOCRATIC PAKISTAN". Perhaps people have stopped questioning their leaders right to rule or are blind to ground realities. It is in these difficult times that we find the common man struggling to make ends meet and the elites sending YOUR sons abroad to serve another nations' national interests. Is this the future we were fighting for on the fateful autumn day all those years ago? How can I share my sorrow with someone else as its only the motherland who listens and absorbs all when a son weeps from to his very limits. Countries who became independent long after us have progressed far ahead. While we, are still trying to resolve issues between Punjabis and Balochis, Sindhis and Pukhtuns. You, my dear have become a place where the third generation child descendant of a migrant is labeled a MUHAJIR. What is this nonsense have we got ourselves into?

After all this, I do not know how I can be so filled with pride and joy when i think of you, my beloved. I can clearly remember, I was taking my exams during my third year at university when a lethal Earthquake had struck the Northern Areas in 2005. The whole nation came together and sacrificed everything they could for their suffering brothers and sisters. No other nation can display the same extreme passion and mobility as we did during that time. For we are the descendants of brave forefathers. The great will that your sons showed in the Prime Ministers’ QARZ UTARO MULK SANWARO SCHEME was a thing to be seen. This national spirit reappeared recently as well after the T20 win in England. But what really happens after all these events? Why does segregation overtake Unity once more?

Sometimes, I wonder if we are really being targeted because our existence threatens the world. Is there really a religious conspiracy behind all this? Topping all this with some of our own weakness as a nation. Could all this really be the cause of the plight we find ourselves in? I do not have answer to this question.

I cannot speak for the previous generations but I have seen an everlasting will and Passion in today’s youth. The passion to revive your Dignity and pride. The passion to bring back the ideology and fulfill all dreams of Iqbal. We have hit rock bottom. That is why I am positive that this is the point where you will start to rise InshAllah and will reach the zenith of Glory. From now on you will only go upwards Inshallah. Even though the circumstances may not seem so my heart still gives testimony to your rise.

Right from my childhood, I have been hearing that we need a leader who will come and show us the right path and will lead us to our destiny. Everyone parrots this same phrase. But my heart firmly believes that everyone is a leader for himself. The ray of light that we are searching across the horizon is in fact hidden inside our very selves. We just need to concentrate and continue thinking in positive manner.

Perhaps I will never be able to express the love my heart carries for you because the words that express my passion for you have not yet been derived. Your love and admiration is the most precious treasure of my life. O my beloved country, please always keep me in your soothing shadow.

Perhaps the people are right who say that PAKISTAN KA ALLAH HEEEE HAFIZ HAY but I say that if Allah is protecting you then we (Your Sons) are your guardians. With the blessing of Allah, each and every one of your sons will protect you till his last drop of blood. Always.

I am not too shy to express my Love for you. You are the only love of my life. May Allah always keep you rising and prosperous.

Pakistan Zindabad

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