Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hum Sab Hain Dhaani - We are all Pakistani

A Youth Movement worthy of your support. Every single person can make a difference. Do your part, have your voice heard.

Lets unite as one and show them - these perpetrators who want to destroy our nation, who want to kill civilians, who didn't even stop at killing our women! - we will not lose our spirit.

Then lets do it, right?

Everyone, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you are working, studying, living, breathing, all your friends, all your relatives, begin your day with wearing a green shirt and hang the flag out of your window.

All across Pakistan, Middle East, UK, US, Australia, wherever you are, unite with your colours.

It is a mirror of Independence Day, the only day in the year we unite. The media HAS to take notice and we will write to them to take notice.

Make ALL of Pakistan and the world go green. Tell everyone. Call all Pakistanis on Orkut, on FB, on your email list. Go tell your neighbours. SMS your friends.

On November 9, every Pakistani seeing everyone else wearing green will feel united, will feel YES we ARE one.

We cannot go to war, we cannot go fight. But we can make a statement. One which will tell them 'you cannot destroy our spirit'.

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic way to show the world that Pakistanis across the globe are united and care. This is the first step towards a common end the chaos and apathy are beloved homeland is suffering from. Pakistan Zindabad!!