Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I Spy: To Hope or NOT to Hope. That is the Question - Sadaf Zarrar

We are victims of Terror. Perhaps the most effected Victims of Terror in the world today. I have no doubt about that... We are not a terrorist producing factory, we our suffering because we did not, over time, select good leaders nor good allies. We are ignorant, indifferent... even stupid. We are NOT terrorists!

Apparently, Hilary Clinton thinks that if we really think Kerry Lugar Bill is nonsense that I in my personal limited knowledge firmly believe it is, than we shouldn't take aid and let it go. Now I only wish Mrs. Clinton or her countrymen were that generous in giving us a choice post 9/11. I wonder how much responsibility her country takes for the current state that our country is in. Yes, we played a royal role in creating this mess, but can the US just march in and ask for our pound of flesh?

And then ofcourse, apparent 2000kg or some insane amout like that of explosives have apparently been sneaked into Lahore, and a random truck apparently is roaming the roads as I type seeking ifs next few hundred casualties and a few thousand victims.

On top of it, what doesn't blow up crashes. So yes, there was a train collision near Landhi today also. Schools are closed, Cinemas aren't safe, Markets are deserted, People are glum... The mood in general is sombre.

The question remains, Shall I hope or shall I give it all up?? Where as every logical bone in my body (I dont have many of those) screams that I should, that I should try finding a way out somehow, that things will only get worst and so on so forth... The simple fact is, the only thing I have left that gets me going every day is hope and giving that up is perhaps worst than giving up on myself... it is giving up on everyone and everything I have known in this life and cared about.

The way I see it is very simple. I am not going to give up. I am not going to give up hope that this country and its people will be happy again! I will stand resilient to the point of pure annoyance. I mean what do I really have to lose? The war here is not of bombs and ammunition, it is about who believes more... If there are people who are insane enough to believe in something utterly groundless so pationately that they are willing to blow themselves up and end their lives, why should I not be insane enough to live my life to the fullest every day!

I am not denying that times are difficult, I am not asking anyone to be oblivious (despite that fact that I propagate paying less attention to our local news channels) all I am asking is, to live on and don't let your heart die before you do! At the end of the day, it is a battle of belief. And the one standing last will be the one who didn't give up!

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  1. Hear hear! agree with every single word of it. and yes, why give up hope... when there are soldiers laying down their lives, the police on barriers on the roads placing their own lives at risk for us, when there is the youth out there more aware, why give up hope? Never...